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Formators conference

Place: Drongen (Belgium),  Dates : 2018 march 21. (6pm) – 23. (4pm). Lead speaker Renilde Vos. In continuity with the JESEDU global meeting in Rio, our purpose is to deepen the way of being Ignatian in a secularised context. Can we find new ways, new words, in order to meet the spiritual needs? Renilde Vos will introduce us to her work with the Spiritual Exercises in an alternative way. In the past Renilde Vos used to work both as a teacher in religious education and as deputy head of the parish connected to the Catholic University in Leuven (Belgium). Click HERE for more about the conference..

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List of JECSE delegates  (19 countries)



1.       Austria

P. Thomas Neulinger SJ

2.       Belgium North

Peter Knapen

3.       Belgium South

Arlette Dister

4.       Czech Republic

P. František Hylmar SJ

5.       Egypt

P. Michel Nader SJ

6.       France

P. Olivier Barreau SJ
Bruno Tessier

7.       Germany

P. Klaus Mertes SJ

8.       Hungary

P. Ferenc Holzinger SJ

9.       Ireland

Brian Flannery

10.   Italy

P. Vitangelo Denora SJ (Until Dec)

11.   Lithuania

P. Artūras Sederevičius SJ
P. Vytaustas Sadauskas SJ

12.   Italy, Albania + Malta

P. Jimmy Bartolo SJ

13.   Lebanon

P. Charbel Batour SJ

14.   Holland

Ilse Dekker

15.   Poland

P. Pawel Brozyniak SJ

16.   Portugal

P. Lourenço Eiró SJ

17.   Slovenia

P. Silvo Šinkovec SJ

18.   Spain

P. Antonio Allende SJ
Ricardo Angulo
P. Juan Pablo Rodriguez SJ
P. Josemi Colina SJ
Jose Guerrero

19.   United Kingdom

P. Adrian Porter SJ

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Our four priorities

In this fast-changing post-modern culture we need to walk with young people, learning from their generosity and compassion so as to help each other grow through fragility and fragmentation to joyful integration of our lives with God and others. (2008 GC 35 D3)

01. Faith and Ignatian Spirituality:
What unites us is Christ and the desire to serve him: not to be deaf to the call of the Lord, but prompt and ready to do his most holy will. (2008 GC 35 D2)

02. Commitment to Social Justice:
Establishing right relationships invites us to see the world from the perspective of the poor and the marginalised, learning from them, acting with and for them. (2008 GC 35 D3)

03. Reconciliation and Peace in a Diverse Europe:
In this global world, there are social, economic, and political forces that have facilitated the creation of new relationships among people, but there are other forces which have broken the bonds of love and solidarity. (2008 GC 35 D3)

04. Responsiveness to the Dynamics of Change:
The person of competence is capable of creating, understanding and using knowledge and skills to live in his/her own context and transform it. (2014 SIPEI Vision Statement)

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JECSE’s dream and vision is that European Jesuit schools become places of hope, peace and reconciliation, in a context of cultural diversity and secularization.

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Our Mission

Being connected to be more committed

Founded in 1986, JECSE is the European organization that promotes Jesuit education in creative fidelity to the ignatian spirit through Ignatian Spirituality, pedagogy and leadership.
It seeks to improve and develop the network of Jesuit schools throughout Europe helping them at forming free human beings eager to serve God and the world in the spirit of the Gospel.

• Contact with Delegates to help each other to experience innovations (through personal and group meetings).
• Foster a feeling of belonging to a wider group of schools.
• Facilitate an agreed set of priorities at the JECSE level to enable a sense of shared purpose.
• Pool resources and find ways of making resources available to others (bank of key topics, task forces work, expert seminar, assessment tools,…).
• Strengthen the consciousness of a European vision.

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