Our four priorities

In this fast-changing post-modern culture we need to walk with young people, learning from their generosity and compassion so as to help each other grow through fragility and fragmentation to joyful integration of our lives with God and others. (2008 GC 35 D3)

01. Faith and Ignatian Spirituality:
What unites us is Christ and the desire to serve him: not to be deaf to the call of the Lord, but prompt and ready to do his most holy will. (2008 GC 35 D2)

02. Commitment to Social Justice:
Establishing right relationships invites us to see the world from the perspective of the poor and the marginalised, learning from them, acting with and for them. (2008 GC 35 D3)

03. Reconciliation and Peace in a Diverse Europe:
In this global world, there are social, economic, and political forces that have facilitated the creation of new relationships among people, but there are other forces which have broken the bonds of love and solidarity. (2008 GC 35 D3)

04. Responsiveness to the Dynamics of Change:
The person of competence is capable of creating, understanding and using knowledge and skills to live in his/her own context and transform it. (2014 SIPEI Vision Statement)

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